The Types of Roofing Jobs

Are you planning a career in the roofing sector?

In the United States and elsewhere the roof is one of the most important aspects of any building and hence roofers are always in demand. A roofer is usually endowed with the responsibility of performing any task related to the roof. It could mean roof installation, roof repair, roof replacement and so on. The roofing industry extends various types of roofing jobs.


The roofing companies are always in need of skilled roofers to cater to their clients. As a candidate, you are expected to have solid experience in various forms of roofing such as- single-ply, slate, sheet metal and so on. A roofer is not only required to handle roof installation but should also hold knowledge in complete roof replacement & repair.

If you have just started out, be prepared to work as a trainee under a seasoned roofer to hone your skills. Also make sure to keep yourself updated about the zonal requirements regarding roofing of your focus area.

Roofing consultant

Are you confident of your communication skills and convincing abilities? Well, then do have a chance at bagging a job as a roofing consultant. Companies that sell roofing materials (like shingles or metal) need sales officials to market their product to potential customers.

A smart roofing consultant is what they look for here. As a roofing consultant, you will have to take care of the sales department and participate in related activities. These include cold calling, door knocking sales closing and so on. If you hold some experience in the construction industry, it’s even better. Otherwise, don’t worry, you will receive full training.

Exterior construction project manager

An exterior construction project manager is responsible for supervising an exterior remodeling project. It could be related to roofing or other exterior parts like siding or window replacement. As a project manager, your responsibility would be to ensure the entire project gets completed within the deadline. You will supervise the entire construction or replacement work, communicate with the laborers working on the project and make sure everything is in perfect order.

You would also have to maintain smooth communication with clients and have to assure them the best work possible. Put simply, the construction project manager is the first point of contact between the client & laborers and the company itself. The job requires excellent planning, organization and communication skills. Preference will be given to candidates with experience in the construction sector.

This jobs involved running all elements of the project, including the planning, implementation and cleaning the area after the work is done. Often this requires renting a dumpster to discard all drbris accumulated during the construction work.

Roofing inspector

The job of a roof inspector is to diagnose a roof for defects such as leakage issues. To work as a roofing inspector you have to receive your professional license as most companies prefer a licensed inspector. Generally roof inspectors are highly experienced roofers who are well acquainted with all kinds of possible roofing issues and can detect them fast.

However, not all States require the license. The job of a roof inspector also involves writing reports regarding the condition of the inspected roof. He will communicate with subcontractors to explain the needed repair works to be carried as per the defects caught in the inspection.